Price For App Development

Price For App Development varies based on the project. DIQ SEO price for app development varies but is vey affordable. We build anything from a basic web page applications to complex software. Anything you need created, we can do it!

Price For App Development

Application Design Price

The Application Design Price varies based on the project like all others. We build applications 100% custom to ensure there are no duplicate apps. With that being said, designing an application from scratch can be a great way to get started! Contact us now to learn more.

Application Design Price

Graphic Design Pricing

With application design comes graphic design pricing. We customize your images, banners, fonts, and more, and make your application look great with minimal changes to your branding. Contact us today to learn more!

Graphic Design Price

Content Marketing Pricing

Content Marketing Pricing varies but usually averages 12-30 per page. Need to market and advertise your new application? Contact us today! We can set you up on a specific advertising campaign geared towards drawing people to your application, at an affordable price!

Application Porting Pricing

Application Porting Pricing varies depending on the project, our team of programmers would be more than happy to sit down with you go over an app and price it out as well as give you a project timeline. Already have an application and need it ported to a different platform? Not a problem! Our team of programmers can reverse engineer your code and port your application to a different platform! Contact us today to learn more.