SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing Services is a type of marketing that converts clients fast and great for venues and events. We also recommend this type of marketing services for retail to announce sales and new apps. Everyone has a phone, and a simple yet effective text message can turn a regular person into a profitable client!

sms marketing

How We Can Help You With SMS Marketing

We can help you with SMS marketing by helping you design sms campaigns that convert a higher amount of your clients. We use a lot of SMS marketing for our event and venue clients to let them know of events and special event deals. We have seen a higher conversion rate with SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS Guerilla Campaign

SMS guerilla campaigns is a mass marketing strategy targeting a wide market and aggressively connecting to them. Guerilla marketing campaigns work for last minute sales and events.

SMS Marketing Strategy

Sms Marketing Strategy is an important marketing tactic targeting  clients phone via sms. Sms marketing strategy is a great marketing strategy for retail stores, online stores and event as well as event venues.

Bulk Message Marketing

Bulk message marketing is a mass marketing strategy targeting a large un-targeted SMS lists. Build message marketing works well for app releases when you are trying to get a message out there to a large audience quick.

Bulk SMS Campaign

Bulk SMS Campaign is a SMS campaign with un-targeted usually bought list of over 10,000 phone numbers. We send bulk SMS to your potential clients on a scheduled basis to maximize the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign.

Send Mass SMS To Clients

Send Mass SMS to your clients is a type of mass SMS marketing strategy helping clients target large un-targeted lists for mass marketing.

SMS Event Marketing

SMS event marketing is a type of SMS marketing for events and even venues. SMS event marketing is a DIQ SEO speciality and we already do this type of marketing for some of the top events in the US and Europe.

Mass Texting

A Mass SMS Marketing Campaign is a great marketing strategy with the appropriate phone number list. With that being said, we can create you a list of people who may have an interest in your business and send out mass text messages to reach out to all of those people, and turn that list into profit for your business!

  • SMS Guerilla Campaign is a great SMS marketing strategy to reach a large audience
  • Photo SMS Marketing when sending photo campaigns
  • Bulk SMS Message Marketing targeting a large audience
  • Bulk SMS Campaign and reach a large audience, fast
  • Send Mass SMS To Clients and reach a large audience
  • SMS Event Marketing for event venues and event promotion companies
  • Scheduled SMS campaign automating your marketing
  • Phone Lists and using your SMS lists correctly to increase conversion
  • Reach clients quickly by targeting them correctly with SMS marketing

Mass Texting

Mass texting is an effective way to reach out to a massive amount of people in a very short amount of time. We use this marketing strategy for retailers and events. It’s normally a higher conversion over email marketing. Mass texting is a mass marketing strategy with a higher conversion. DIQ SEO offers affordable mass texting campaign plans.

Mass Texting

  • SMS Guerilla Campaign
  • Photo SMS Marketing in bulk can increase conversion rates
  • Bulk Message Marketing
  • Bulk SMS Campaigns with mass marketing strategy set quarterly
  • Send Mass SMS To Clients and get a fast conversions
  • SMS Event Marketing for marketing promotion companies
  • Schedule your mass marketing campaigns
  • Use your phone lists to convert more clients
  • Turn phone numbers into clients


SMS Marketing Service is a mass marketing service usually used for bulk sending to convert a lot of clients fast. DIQ SEO offers a highly successful SMS marketing campaign service that can effectively spread the word of your service or business to a massive amount of people in a very short time. SMS Marketing service is affordable and is automated for you.


  • Fast Automation of your SMS Campaigns
  • Easy Setup for your SMS marketing campaigns
  • Help with your SMS marketing strategy
  • SMS Marketing strategy options and plans
  • SMS marketing subscription plans
  • SMS marketing monthly sales
  • Announce a new app to your clients with a successful SMS campaign
  • Send SMS campaign with a download link for your new app
  • Announce sales with an SMS campaign and convert more clients