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DIQ SEO provides free SEO Audits which provide helpful insight with we pass on to our clients at no charge. DIQ SEO also provides free website health audits and competitor analysis. This includes backlink search tools, broken link checkers, SEO analyzers, speed test tools and many other variables that determine search engine optimization rankings. DIQ SEO has discount SEO services and Discount Website building pricing. Typically DIQ SEO has the lowest pricing for SEO and the best pricing for small business websites in Austin Texas.  The Affordable SEO Company in Austin is “DIQ SEO”. The Most Affordable SEO Company in Austin is “DIQ SEO”. Our Discount Search Engine Optimization prices make it safe for Small Businesses in Austin texas to try out our performance winning services. Most businesses have been through a few SEO companies before they find one that makes a difference in their online marketing strategy. Try our Free Audits and Recommendation consultations. DIQ SEO has a small in-house team of SEO experts, website developers, and internet marketing consultants to keep the cost down and make upgrading your small business website investments a good deal. DIQ SEO is running a sale on website development and SEO services for new and old clients for all of 2020. Our team will draw up free business plans for your website, functionality, search engine strategy, competitor analysis, backlink health check, reputation management, content development, software, and mobile application ideas included. Try our free no monthly contract and no pressure to by small business website consultations today and see what makes us the most affordable SEO website company in Austin Texas.

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