Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads are paid ads used on social media channels. Many social media ads are also remarketing ads used to target customers. The backbone of every advertising campaign! Social media ads are great and efficient way to appeal to a large group of people in a very short period of time. This in turn can create a spike in sales!

facebook ad services

Facebook Ad Services

Facebook is a paid ad service on Facebook platform. Facebook ads are a great option to social media campaigns to push it out there that extra oomph. DIQ SEO offers affordable facebook ad subscriptions where we handle the ads for you and change the ads and monitor sending you weekly reports.

instagram ad services

Instagram Ad Services

Instagram Ad Services  is a great option to advertise on Instagram. Instagram is a ad service platform that targets your Instagram following, new Instagram followers and other remarketing campaign tactics. Instagram offers great demographic information as well as detailed reports for you to stay up to date on who is seeing your campaign!

Have questions about ad services?

Ad services are paid ad services that we offer to our clients on a subscription basis. Give us a call with any questions.

Social Media Ads Expert

We help clients improve their rankings on Google and help convert more leads by focusing on certain types of marketing we think will benefit them the best depending on their goals.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are targeted ads on Instagram that help you bring more attention to your profile, website or products. DIQ SEO is a Instagram ads company helping you be seen on Instagram. DIQ SEO offers affordable Instagram ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a form of paid advertising on social media, many times re-marketing campaigns are done as facebook ads. You can target people that have visited your website, added products into their carts, visited your Facebook page, visited your group and so on.

Twitter Following

Twitter Following is a following you have on Twitter. DIQ SEO helps customers increase their Twitter following.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a form of paid advertisement on Google search engine which allows your listing to show up before all other listings on Google. Google Ads are beneficial when starting a business and you don’t have Google Organic listings showing up yet. DIQ SEO is a Google Ads Service company and help you target specific keywords. We also help with Google local ads.

Social Media Ads Automation

Social Media Ads Automation is creating campaigns with certain start and end dates that run certain times of the day. Social media ads automation is great when you don’t have much time and want to automate your ads.

Targeted Ads

Targeted Ads are ads targeting specific market segments and social media channels. Targeted ads are a great way to be seen when using keywords and interest targeting.

Social Media Ads Strategy

Social media ads strategy is a great way to grab more clients. Having a strong social media ads strategy is important when targeting specific market segments and knowing when and why they click ads. Contact us today and let us set up a strategy to get you leads and clients now!

Social Media Ads Strategy

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Facebook Targeting

Facebook targeting is targeting certain groups of people available through interests, page visitors or website visitors if you have a Facebook pixel installed. Facebook targeting can be hard when you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. DIQ SEO will help you setup the correct targets and help monitor it so you keep improving conversions.

Instagram ads targeting

Instagram ads targeting is targeting correct markets at correct times for the correct images and using the right language for your target market. Instagram ads are now part of Facebook ads you would create them in the same place but choose specific channels for Instagram, facebook, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is now one of the top ways to market to your clients. With Facebook having one of the largest databases of users that spend more than 23% of their daily time on facebook. Social media marketing can be simple you just have to know the steps to take, have any questions, send us a message or give us a call.

Mass Social Media Campaign

Mass social media campaigns are a part of social media marketing. Social media campaigns can be targeted or set at a wide targeting to get out there. We do a lot of mass social media marketing with new events and companies trying to build a following set at a monthly subscription and set growth rate.

Bulk Social Media Ads

Bulk social media ads are social media ads set in bulk. This can be one ad duplicated and the text slightly changes in each. We use these many times in re-marketing campaigns where we have constant ads targeting and retargeting customers.

Social Media re-marketing ads

Social media re-marketing ads are an essential part of social media ads targeting your customers from the moment they click on your website or Facebook page. Social media re-marketing is a marketing strategy re-targeting your potential leads.

Social Media Marketing Service

Social media marketing service is a marketing service for social media targeting specific target markets and your potential customers through social media channels. We specialize in marketing. Social Media advertising is one of many tactics used to spread the word of your business or service. However, it is also one of the cheapest and most successful tactic out there! Generate a high click-through rate, create many leads, and turn those leads into clients! Let us set up your social media advertising campaign today!

Social Media Marketing Service