Mass Marketing

Mass Marketing is a type of marketing targeting a wide market.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is great when you have a large email list. Even if you don’t you can purchase an email list and send out newsletters, sales email material, and just mass marketing emails at a great rate.

sms marketing

SMS Marketing

Sms Marketing is recommended for large events as SMS will get you a quick response and normally result in more actions taken than in email marketing. Many of our event clients will send out notifications through SMS if they don’t have push notification available through an app to reach all their clients.

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Mass marketing is low conversion high reach type of marketing. We also do social media marketing to compliment this type of marketing and remarketing. Give us a call with any questions.

Mass Marketing Services That Will Benefit Your Company

Mass Marketing Services services that benefit your company are sms marketing and email marketing. Email marketing and sms marketing are services that benefit your company. Email marketing and sms marketing are mass marketing strategy tactics that work well for companies. Mass marketing is a good marketing strategy.


Email Leads

Email leads are prospects whose contact information you have accumulated via an abysmal form. These prospects may continue to be nurtured through the email channel and other stations through permission marketing. Ordinarily, these prospects are discussing their email address via an opt-in type in exchange for a deal.

Opt In Lists

Opt-in email is a phrase used when somebody agrees to receive an email by email form or other intake form. Opt-In lists can be part of a mailing listing , newsletter, or web advertisement.

Website Email Form

Website email form is a form that collects interested party email and other contact information for email lists, newsletter or other email content. An intake form is when you turn a website email form into a lead. You can achieve it by publishing your contact info on the internet and expect that the site visitor calls or emails that your group, or you may use a website email form for faster and higher rate lead collection.

Buy Email Leads

Buying email leads is normally considered bad unless they are specific to what you are sending them. It is better to collect leads from events, website forms or other way of collecting interested parties that will actually open your emails. If you need to buy a large email list we recommend you are very specific, we can help you find these targeted lists. After you buy email leads you need to warm up your IP so you don’t get blocked by the larger email hosts like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo. We will help you correctly send email campaigns through buying email lists.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is a way of automating and speeding up your email marketing workflow and working smart, not hard. We can help you set up email marketing automation with software and workflow systems. Email marketing automation needs to be custom built depending on your needs but is very affordable. Email marketing is an affordable service which we recommend for our clients.

Targeted Email Leads

Targeted email leads are leads targeted for your marketing campaign. Its important to be specific when sending your email campaign and take care of your email list otherwise potential clients will opt-out and others will block your emails which hurts your overall email list and future campaigns.

Email Marketing Strategy

An email marketing strategy is important when sending emails. An email marketing strategy when set correctly can increase your conversions and increase the size of your lists. The more opens and clicks you get on your email marketing campaigns the better your campaigns will do in the future. Email marketing strategy is important to have a clear goal so you know what direction to take with each email list.

email marketing strategy

  • Personalize your email marketing messages
  • Segment your subscribers and market to your email clients correctly
  • Send mobile friendly emails that arrive in their main inbox
  • Test copy, design and buttons for your email campaigns that convert.
  • Automate email campaigns when possible with software and workflow systems we design for you.
  • Sit back and watch the results from marketing to your clients correctly by enjoying a higher conversion rate.

SMS Campaign

SMS campaign is a form of advertising that lets you interact with your customers via text. It is similar to a email campaign, but is quicker and simpler to create since it requires no creative besides an initial campaign to get your customers’ numbers, and your 160 character message.

Send Mass Text Message

Mass Text Messaging allows you to send tens, hundreds, even thousands of SMS text messages at one time directly to your subscribers’ mobile phones. Easily keep everyone from customers to employees informed with group texting.

Mobile Marketing

ile marketing is a multi-channel, electronic advertising strategy aimed at reaching a target audience in their smartphones, tablets, and/or other cellular devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, sociable media, and apps. Mobile is interrupting how people engage with brands.

Mass SMS Campaign

Mass SMS Campaigns is a mass texting service that enables companies, national brands and agencies to get more clients to respond by SMS. Send text coupons and exclusive offers, beat off-peak downtime, up sell higher margin products, notify customers of hours, places and new product

Send Bulk SMS

Easily send SMS reminders, announcements, alerts & more to your employees, volunteers customers or attendees.

Text Message Sales Campaign

How many unread emails do you have versus unread texts?  Most of us have far less unread texts compared to emails. So text message sales campaigns do provide higher engagement.

Text Message Marketing Service

Text message marketing service is a communication channel that lets you promote, market, announce, and engage with your audience via Text Messaging right to their mobile phones. You may instantly send mass Text Messages to a large number of recipients all at one time, within minutes

  • Nurturing Your Customers with Helpful and Interesting Texts
  • Increase the Quality and Quantity of User Reviews
  • Using Business Texting Allows to Create a Sense of Urgency
  • Qualify Leads with Two-way Texting
  • Create Niche Groups Based on Sales History and Target Ads to Different Groups
  • Gain Brand Loyalty
  • Build new marketing campaigns quickly and easily over text
  • Send the Perfect Automated Reminders
  • MMS Speeds Up Issue Resolution