Small Business SEO services

Website SEO Audit

If you aren’t getting the traffic, and you want to figure out why. This report will tell you what needs to be fixed and why.

website seo audit

Free Website SEO Audit

DIQ SEO offers a free SEO Audit. This will help you figure out where you need to work to increase your Google Rankings.

Free Google Ranking Audit

DIQ SEO offers a free SEO Audit. This will help you figure out where you need to work to increase your Google Rankings.

websites that generate leads

Websites That generate Leads

  • Keyword research and strategy planning – to help you rank for what you want to sell
  • Website development with a SEO structure – that will help you rank from the beginning
  • Websites built for speed – Speed is very important in ranking high in Google, anything under 50 wont rank as well on Google.
  • Websites built with calls-to-actions built in – This will increase your conversions by being placed in the right areas and the right points of contact.
  • Removing broken links – you get docked for all broken links on your site, which will decrease your Google rankings.

grow your online presence

Grow Your Online Presence

  • SEO Planning – Helping your rankings increase on Google Organics.
  • Local SEO Marketing – Increasing your Local Presence like Google Maps.
  • PPC – To help you increase leads until your rankings increase.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is important when your talking about your online presence and your brand. Some of the ways we help you improve your social media presence is:

  • Social Profile Improvements
  • Identify Your Social Media Audience
  • Boosting Relevant Conent
  • Creating Lead Generating Contests
  • Content Creation
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting & Editorial Calendar Creation

Get More Leads Locally

Increase your brand visibility on Google, Apple, Bing Maps by havign the correct information displayed.  For example,  your company name, your contact information, the industry category, and all your other listings across 100’s of sites all with matching information.

Why is this important? 

If you display different information on sites Google won’t trust your company and you wont rank as high. This is one of the first things we will do for companies we take on because its a fast way to increase your rankings.

What else can you do to increase your local presence?

Small Business SEO services

Small Business SEO services is a large topic. There are many things you can do to increase your online presence. We normally start with the four topics below and after those four have a solid base we jump into details and keep improving your rankings till you are number 1. So far we have made over 100 websites rank in the top 3. We follow Google Algorythms and keep you up to date on the improvements you need to make to also keep number one.